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(Across from ACE hardware, between the ChocolaTree Restaurant
and the car wash in West Sedona)

The Gallery Teslaa
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Hand Carved Crystal Skulls from Brazil Leandro De Soza


Energize your body with high and subtle frequencies

Tesla Energy Lights™ is a system designed to donate electrons, recharge and permeate one’s subtle energy bodies with compatible high frequency subtle energies. Exposure to these frequencies can empower the user to manage one’s thoughts, feelings and beliefs, by directing and interacting with the energies in the session to fuel one’s goals with decisive intention.

Tesla Energy Lights™ are a very useful application to use as an amplifier of your intentions. Although it’s effective to passively sit and just feel whatever your feeling, it’s more effective to direct this energy. It’s providing energy stimulation into your energy system and you can direct that energy into your visualizations.



Relax on a Tranquility Vibration Water Table while listening to a Holosync program, balancing both hemispheres of your brain for deep relaxation, while your body absorbs and integrates electrons into your cells from the
Tesla Energy Lights™     Cost is $50.00


Tesla Energy Lights are a powerful system, inspired by the work of the brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla, that fuels your energy, mental clarity and positive well-being. Combine the lights with NanoVi technology, which promotes vitality and rejuvenation, and the results are spectacular,  from reducing chronic pain, headaches and eye inflammation to providing anti-aging results and even helping with PTSD in veterans and autism in children.

A session with the Tesla Lights involves lying on a treatment table between two sets of flickering quartz gas tubes, one at your head and the other atyour feet. In this position, you are “illuminated,” much like the filament of a light bulb. As you’re exposed to the Lights, you focus on the aspects of your body, mind and spirit, envisioning the healing of whatever is challenging you. Positioned between the lights, you enter an alpha state, an altered state ofconsciousness like that achieved by meditating, dreaming and even praying, and that leads to enlightenment.

After multiple sessions, your intentions start manifesting, and this, in turn, makes you focus even more on your goals. The result is a creation of balance, with less stress and resistance and more coherence. Some patients report clearer thinking, positive feelings and higher awareness, others an increased emotional intimacy in their relationships. One of the most common comments after a session is “Wow, what a power nap!”

But what’s really happening is that an invisible life force known as “subtle energy” is donating electrons, recharging and permeating your subtle energy bodies with compatible high frequency subtle energies. To learn more, watch this video with me and Aeron Goldheart, the Global Developer and CEO of Tesla Energy Lights.

You can profoundly amplify your healing with a TurboAcupuncture treatment, combining acupuncture with the frequency from the Tesla Energy Lights.

Add in the NanoVi technology—a small device the produces moist air that you inhale as you’re lying on the treatment table that triggers your body’s response to oxidative stress damage—and you’ll be amazed at how good you feel!

“I was amazed at how quickly my eye started healing, three years after I had three surgeries for a detached retina. A year of steriod drops had no effect on helping clear up distortion and cloudiness caused by the surgeries. But after just a few sessions of Turbo Acupuncture paired with the Nanovi Tecnology, I noticed a remarkable improvement, long after my eye surgeon had given up on me. I highly recommend to anyone dealing with any body, mind and spirit issues”